The study of the development of the sport in times of crisis is the main focus of interest of the XVII International Congress of the European Committee for Sport History (CESH). The main goal is the analysis of how the sport phenomenon has changed, has been adapted and has provided response to the challenges of any crisis in the History. The socio-historical investigation about sport in crisis times will allow us to know better the social, political economic and human changes that have been produced in these moments of transformation of our societies.

This Congress wants to stimulate the participation and the exchange of investigations between specialists of Europe and also with international researchers. Our aim is to establish comparative analysis and contrasted reflections about the role of the sport and the physical activities in periods of political, institutional and power crises also in stages of economic crisis and in moments of ideological and cultural crises too. This multidimensional vision of the concept of crisis linked to sport must be able to be studied from a wide chronological perspective as well as from the interest of local, national and international studies.

The Congress will take place from 21 to 23 of November of 2013 at Ramon Llull University of Barcelona, a city that it has become in a basic place for the celebration of important social, sportive and cultural events. It’s strategically situated in the Western Mediterranean and very well connected. The visit to some of the most emblematic places of the last sport History of Barcelona is an added value for the congressmen.

We hope that this XVII Congress of the European Committee for Sport History will become a new opportunity for high-level meeting, reflection and scientific dissemination. For this purpose we would like to invite all the researchers and specialists interested in the History of Sport to participate actively in it.